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Cleaning Limestone Fireplace Keep Your Fireplace Always Looking New

Fireplace is a very old tradition in European and American Houses. Fireplace adds a tremendous aesthetic value to the homes but have a tendency to loose their sheen because of the smoke. Hence Cleaning Limestone Fireplace should be carried out on a regular basis

Fireplace is an integral part of all the royal mansions. Apart from providing heat and warmth it is a tremendous place for family gathering. President Roosevelt used the fireplace to a great effect while giving out his fireside chats during the Great Depression, to reach out to the whole family.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is a naturally hard rock and is available in a variety of natural colours. Its durable nature makes it an ideal material for construction purpose and it can easily face the heat inside a fireplace. However being porous limestone has a tendency to get stained easily. Hence Cleaning Limestone Fireplace is very important.

The best way of Cleaning Limestone Fireplace is to simply wipe it off with a piece of cotton cloth. However certain measures should be taken to prevent the fireplace from getting shabby:

l Do not use wax or spray polishes as they can create patches

l Kitchen and bathroom cleaners can react with the limestone surface

l Placing vases can cause permanent damage to the fireplace.

l Cigarettes can damage not only your lungs but also your fireplace.

A proper care of the fireplace can make Cleaning Limestone Fireplace a very easy task. A marble fireplace brings a rustic old world charm with itself but requires a lot of care and attention. Cleaning marble Limestone is also an important activity to be carried out on a regular basis.

Apart from a majestic fireplace flooring is also an important aspect of home decor. A beautiful rock flooring gives your home that rustic old world charm. various options are available for flooring. The most popular ones are listed below:

Limestone Floor Tiles:

Being a versatile rock, limestone lends itself to flooring purposes also. A limestone floor has an old world look and takes you back to the calmness of the gone by era.

Slate Floor Tiles:

A slate flooring offers beautiful colour variations and is naturally less slippery. hence it is suitable to be used in kitchen and bathrooms.

Terracotta Floor Tiles: