Does The Study Of Astronomy Quantify The Study Of Astrology

Is it not always luring to discover and peruse personal horoscopes in Sunday's paper? No need to deny it because you know that it is what you do. Horoscopes arouse passion because of an unnatural and titilating for feeling a little the stranger. Generally speaking, horoscopes are thought to be a diversion and worth our time. It is easy to forget that this little detractoin is part and parcel of an ancient lore that has very strong ramifications eons of time preceding the Christian religions.

But, fact of the matter, astrology is still studied seriously by many people today. You should expect to discover astrology proponents in every village, town and city with advertising in both print and the broadcast media. Promises to tell our fortune, what is coming in the future and antidote for all that endanger our health are offered by practitioners.

Should you be a devotee of astrology, an argument erupts whenever anyone really doesn't understand the differences. The confusion can be quite exasperating. And in earlier peoples, the divergence studies were one and the same. It would seem that astrology was simply the religious side whilst astronomy was more of a science. Whatever happened?

A significant shift was set in motion that caused a separation of the two lines of thinking. It started in the beginning when censure of the writings of Ptolemy when he scripted the indubitable work titled Titrabiblos. It contained the suggeston that astronomy must be thought of as apart from astrology. Very extremist, the work presented the first culture of the peiod that proposed that earth was not center of the universe. Possibly the focus of astronomy should be totally on viewing and marking circumtances found in the cosmos.

Much has happened in our thinking over the next twenty centuries. Most significantly, science and religion have totally separated following Ptolemy. However, astronomy as a science has enjoyed formidable steps each and every year. Substancial changes have occured, Ptolemy surely would be astonished.

The biggest point of change for a scholar of the twin studies of astrology and astronomy would be the thought that location of celestial bodies impart acceptation of incidents on our lives. It is common knowledge that weather and tides, other compelling visage of our being are managed by stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Particulary the most prominent neighbor to our planet, the moon, creates noticeable changes but these affectations are basically known not to be for any anagogy.

As aficionados of the science of astronomy, what can you resolve of the occlude interrelation joining astrology and astononmy? Certainly it is necessary to give an explanation of the similitude linking astrology and astronomy to anyone bewildered by the equivalence of the two. Study of the stars and planets should not be prone to confusion again. It is very important that all discussions must be kept to maintain any dissimilarity in the disquisition. In fair study, there must be no shameful reflection toward any person or person's that hold allegiance to these studies.

We must remember that whatever is coveted as an individual's spiritual life is a strata of his hallowed faith. Always consider to be regardful and never go counter to such stuff. Respect of ancient pedigree is reason enough to be consider what is the beginning of astronomy. Courtesy always superceds any reflection of whatever is proposed.

We should treat each discipline with respect but maintain the separation that must exist between astrology and astronomy. There is no reason both approaches to our admiration of the galaxies cannot coexist in peace and harmony. And for the purposes of astronomers, that harmony will allow us plenty of freedom to enjoy our quest for knowledge for many more centuries to come. And who knows, you might still like to read the horoscope on Sunday morning every so often.

By: Dale R Smith