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Facts To Know About Natural Stone Restoration - Education

Facts To Know About Natural Stone Restoration    by Factory Plaza

in Education    (submitted 2009-07-10)

If you are looking for a matte finish, you will need a large number of diamond powders or pads to get that special shiny touch. Most restoration experts are careful about protecting the furniture and walls from dents and splashes while they work on smoothening the surface. In case of diamond grinding, you will need water. This may damage the wooden floor. So they prefer using the floor covering while they work on the restoration process. For granite restoration, the abrasive brushes or the abrasive powder will be used. This is called the flamed finish.

The tumbled marble or the limestone's are extremely popular among the homeowners for their elegant colors and fine textures. Marble can be sealed to avoid stains, but you will need an expert for sealing the floor. When you select the floor tile, you should consider either marble or granite as both of them are durable and beautiful. The polished marble tiles on the floors can be protected with a sealant. This should be reapplied on the surface so that the floor remains sparkling and clean.