Goa Pilgrimage Places

Goa is name of tourism place in India. Goa state is located in western, Arabic sea edge. Goa longest border touch of Arabic sea and Goa has numbers of sea beaches. Goa state political capital is Panaji city and business capital Vasco De Gama city. Goa was ruled by Portuguese form 1510 to 1961 so Goa cultural and festivals mixed with European style.

Goa has many world famous pilgrimage places which include churches and temples. Goa old city know as sacred place and listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Goa famous churches are Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and Church St. Francis. Goa famous temples are Mangueshi Temple, Shanta Durga Temple and Mahadev Temple.

Church Bom Jesus: Basilica of Bom Jesus church location is Old Goa city. This church was complete made in 1605 and now this is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. This church exist St. Francis Xavier mortal. This church has beautiful architecture style of Portuguese

Se Cathedral: Se Cathedral church location is old Goa city and completely constructed in Portuguese ruled period in 1640. This church length is 250m and breadth 181m.

Shanta Durga Temple: Durga Temple location is Kavalem village which is 33km from Panaji city capital of Goa. Original temple destroyed in Portuguese rule period and new temple completely constructed in 1738 in Maratha Hindu rule period. Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga.

Mahadev Temple: Mahadev Temple is exist from twelve centuries period and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Temple location is Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife Sanctuary and 65km from Panaji city of Goa capital. This build in 1271 by Hemadri in Yadava king period. Every year on Mahashivratri festival pilgrims collect here and celebrate Lord Shiva festival.

Goa has twelve to fifteen centuries period temples and fifteen-sixteen centuries duration churches. Many Goa hotels and tour agent provide Goa pilgrimage places tour services. Now these churches are listed in UNESCO World Heritage site. Daily many people come to visit these sacred places from domestic (India) and aboard.