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Granite Polish and Cleaner

Marble and Granite care the same old problem.

Granite or Marble can look like a sheet of glass or be really tactile in its feel and appearance. In both cases it does become soiled, dull, lifeless and hard work to keep clean. This in turn ruins the over all Joy of having granite surfaces or tiles in a kitchen bathroom or any other work-top or seating area not too mention the fire place. Be careful not to damage your Granite worktops or marble if you are using an ordinary household cleaner for cleaning your new Granite, Marble, corian or other natural or man-made stone surfaces. see extensive list of granite types that the ultimate granite polish will maintain on the bottom of this page..

The reason why!

Natural stone granite for example although incredibly durable requires proper care to maintain its natural inherent beauty. A factory applied penetrating sealer is normally used to protect against stains by blocking the small pores, cracks in the granite or marble creating a barrier, keeping liquid and dirt on the surface so that it can be removed easily.

And a lot of everyday household cleaners contain harmful chemicals like ammonia that breaks down the protective sealer making the granite or marble less resistant and more vulnerable to staining, reducing its beauty, lustre and durability.

Perfume, toothpaste, and every day toiletries also contain ingredients that damages the surfaces of granite, marble or degrade the sealer. Prevention is better than cure!

The Solution

To keep and care for your natural stone surfaces looking brilliant it's best to use products that are specifically formulated to prevent deterioration and enhance the beauty of natural stone surfaces

Granite cleaner

Restores the Shine

Granite Polish Gold is an excellent formulated polish that will bring back the Granite or Marble to life and lustre restoring that factory finished look when first installed.