How A Financial Education Program Can Help You Achieve Financial Independence

Every day we are learning that individual debt is growing at an astronomical rate and people spend far more than they earn. Foreclosures, bankruptcies and consumer delinquency have reached an all time high. A major part of the problem has stemmed from the fact that the majority us were not provided with a financial education program either at home or in our schools. A financial education program and money management strategies should have been a compulsory part of our school curriculum.

In their book "Why We Want You To Be Rich" Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki stated that "the lack of financial education in America has caused the United States to have quickly gone from the richest country in the world to the biggest debtor nation in history". Their concern is that "the rich are getting richer but America is getting poorer". They expressed that there will be not be a Middle Class in America but a two-class society. People in America will either be rich or poor. This statement truly reflects the current financial reality of our society.

While many of us have graduated from schools and colleges and earning large sums of money, the majority are still uneducated about how money works. We were not taught how to manage and invest money which is an important life skill. A financial education program will teach you how to have money work for you instead of you working for money. It will educate you on matters such as balancing your check books, ways to save money, how to manage your credit, how to invest your money, what to do with your paycheck, how to pay off your debts, how to plan for your retirement, and how to achieve financial independence.

Lack of a proper financial education has made the majority of us become the prey to advertisers and credit card and other money lending institutions. These institutions are the ones becoming wealthy with our hard earned money. With a sound financial education we would be well equipped with the knowledge to exercise financial control and overcome the manipulations of the advertisers and unscrupulous credit companies who want us to spend above our financial means.

Many people dream of achieving financial independence and feel that it is unattainable. They think in terms of winning the lottery to achieve that goal. They do not envision that their dream to achieve financial independence can be molded in their own hands and that they are the masters of their financial destiny. What they fail to realize is that by using credit cards and being slaves of advertisers they are actually giving away their wealth. By getting into a financial education program and learning money management strategies and skills on how to manage your money you will have the cash flow to rapidly build your wealth. It will also provide a firm foundation to build a prosperous future.

When you implement the tools and knowledge you gain from a financial education program, you will be able to make sound financial decisions and overcome financial challenges and obstacles. You will also learn personal development, self restraint, discipline and financial control. You will learn how to create cash flow with your current income and how to accelerate payment and eliminate debt. Once you start debt elimination you will have the cash flow to build your wealth. A Financial Education program will teach you investment strategies for building your wealth which will in turn lead you on the right path to achieving true financial independence.

By: Indra Arman