How To Beat The Winter Blues With Winter Astronomy

Why do some folks dislike the winter time with such a hatred? Is it the snow, the cold, the slippery sidewalks, or is it something else they truly hate, and that is getting the winter blues because they always think there's nothing to do. I have always loved the winter time, from when I was a kid to my present age, I don't care much for the cost of the rising heat bill each year, but as far as the beauty of the winter scenery, I think it's wonderful, truly a gift from God.

How many times have you been outside on a cold, crisp, clear winter night and looked up to the heavens. The one thing that stands out in the winter over the summer months is, the sky becomes much clearer and the visibility of the stars and other celestial objects increases dramatically. The winter time is the best time of the year to pick up an exciting hobby like Astronomy or Star Gazing as it's often called.

Astronomy is a hobby that has become very affordable and can be enjoyed by anyone that has a nice unobstructed view of the nighttime winter sky. If you live in the heart of a major city that has a lot of bright lights, you will probably not be able to enjoy astronomy, as much as someone who lives in a small town, or the country. To get started in astronomy you should pick up a couple books on astronomy for beginners. The books will show and tell you what incredible heavenly objects you can see, and the size or power of the telescopes needed to see them.

The standard for a great astronomy telescope is a reflector type telescope with at least a 6 inch lens, I would go for an 8 inch lens, or larger if you can afford it. The large lens, makes for more light gathering power and it allows you to see faint objects like nebula and planets in much greater detail. Once you purchase and get used to your telescope and viewing heavenly objects, you can them progress to taking astronomy photos. Winter astronomy is a hobby that a person living alone can do, and it's also a great hobby for the entire family to enjoy, and it's great to help beat the winter blues.

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By: Robert Benjamin