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How To Clean Your Marble Floor

Did you know that if you buy glossy marble for your floor, that room would look specious and if you use a matt finish marble, the room would look smaller? Perhaps you know the answer. But are these the only criterion that you need to consider before buying floor marble?

Marble is softer than granite yet they are very durable. And at the same time they are highly porous. Thus a marble floor gets stained by Vinegar or juices, acids and sometimes even water stains. To add to this, if you do not seal them properly, marble would soon get stained. And nothing looks terrible than a distorted marble.

The selection of marble should depend on its use. Though beauty, color and texture of a marble stone are important, you should also consider the practical use of it. Otherwise it will be tough to maintain for a longer period.

For example, the marble tile that is too good for living room flooring may not be as good as kitchen floor or counter top. To add to this, if you want to have marble flooring in a heavy traffic area, you must select a marble that can endure regular wear and tear for a longer period. If you use light color marble with exquisite texture on a doorway or kitchen, the beauty may not last for long.

Selecting the best marble does not end the job. Some marble can resist certain amount of stain but most of them are too bad for it. Whatever marble you use, you must take proper care of it to keep its elegance in place. You may follow these tips or call your local marble restoration company to help you out as proper treatment can restore the lost elegance of your marble floor.

Marble is very sensitive and thus while using any solution to clean the surface, make sure that it has neutral pH. Otherwise it may harm your marble's longevity and shine. At the same time, as marble is porous, it may consume some chemicals that may be harmful for you and your marble. You can easily get some soap in the market that is specially developed to clean marble surface. They have balanced neutral pH level.

In many places we see that people unknowingly use regular kitchen detergent to clean the marble and granite surface. Regular use of such detergents may discolor the marble. You should always use enough water to rinse the marble top clean. And at the end of every wash, wipe the surface clean. If you do not remove water from the top, it may get dirty water marks on it. This is a good way to keep the marble top shining for a longer period. It is always better to use dark color marbles as counter top. Do not use acids to clean the marble floor - strong acid may destroy the marble forever.

Use a soft clean mop to clean marble and do not forget to change the water as soon as it gets dirty. It is always advisable to use heavy door mat so that it keeps the interior clean from dirt and sands.