Lunarphase Pro How Lunarphase Pro Changes Amateur Astronomy

Watching the moon has always been a passion of mine. I wouldn't call myself an expert, just a hobbyist. Catching a glimpse of a big beautiful harvest moon tends to take my breath away. For the amateur moon watchers out there like me, it's always been a guess or a lot of hard work to find out what kind of moon will appear and when. Now, thanks to LunarPhase Pro, moon watching just got a lot easier and more educational. Here are three features of LunarPhase Pro that will take your moon watching to the next level.


LunarPhase Pro is a software toolkit with many stunning features to make your moon watching more productive. One of these great features is the ability to see near photo-realistic views of the Lunar surface via the Lunar Explorer utility. These views can also be printed as custom built maps. Maps can also be oriented to match the view through your telescope or binoculars. Zooming and panning is smooth, but when zoom in all they way there is a little image quality loss. A new feature that has recently been added to LunarPhase Pro is the ability to display very high resolution Moon charts. These have to be downloaded but LunarPhase Pro handles that for you. You can save them for viewing offline at your own convenience. All maps can be printed out.


One very nice feature is that the software allows you to produce a high resolution animation of lunar libration, the up/down, left/right wobble the Moon goes through over the course of a month, providing you with a very nice moving image of the Moon shifting in all directions. You can set the dates very easily and watch how the moon changes over time. This is a very interesting feature. LunarPhase Pro corrects the 3D maps for this so you are able to see the Moon exactly as it appears in the sky.


Another great addition to LunarPhase Pro is the software's top-down view. With this you are able to view all the features of the Moon that we can't see here from Earth. You can zoom in to look at craters and maybe find a good spot to build your house one day.