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Marble Restoration and Repair: Can Marble Be Fixed?   by James Magary

in Home / Remodeling    (submitted 2010-03-13)

Can a substance as hard and durable as marble be fixed if there is physical damage to the stone? Many people have used marble for floors and countertops because of the beauty and durability of this amazing stone, but the fact is that even marble can chip or become damaged from normal household use. It can also acquire stains or become dull over time. However, it is possible to restore marble using certain stone repair techniques. Here are the standard things you can expect a contractor to do for your damaged or worn-down marble surfaces:

Stain Removal: While marble is quite hard, it is also porous, meaning it can be stained if it has not been professionally sealed. You may have marble counters with rings from where a glass was put down, or stains from wine, mustard, coffee or other substances that sat for too long and had a chance to seep into the marble. A marble repair contractor uses a chemical treatment which can suck out the stain from the stone, a process which can take overnight, but which often completely removes the stain.

Repair: When a stone has chips, scratches, or other physical damage, the extent of the repair would depend on the degree of damage, but many small chips and scratches can be fixed relatively easily by working and smoothing the marble.

Sealing: Marble, granite, and other stones ought to be sealed to provide protection against stains, wear and tear, and heat damage. Typically a silicone-based substance is heated and applied to the surface, drawing the sealer into the stone to form a layer of protection. This process also leaves the stone with a high gloss finish, and can make old kitchen or bathroom counters look new again.