Mental Health-watching The World Go Crazy

Nobody knows why or how the American public is starting to suffer at astronomical rates from issues that deal with mental health and mental instability. Yes, there are trying times in the world these days, but people have always been able to cope with them in the past. Still, it is a sign of the time that people are starting to become frustrating with dealing with the overwhelming burdens of stress and those problems are not going away. There is a growing concern among medical practitioners that these problems are not going away and more people are needing medical help to deal with those problems that are brought on by stress and medical needs.

Anyone can have their health measured by a physician, simply by going in for a regular checkup, but when it comes to mental health things can get a lot more complicated. An hour-long session can cost a patient a lot of money and there is not a doctor in the world that can change someone's life in that hour. It costs a lot of time and a lot of money to figure out what is going on when it comes to deal with issues about mental health. Loading up on medications might seem like the perfect answer to cure anything, but it is not the perfect idea.

Mental health is a fragile issue and is not easy to analyze because it doesn't involve simple medical practice. It involves getting inside someone's mind and trying to figure out what the problem is through talking and relating, rather than a simple blood test. There are a lot of mental issues ranging from ADD, ADHD, to depression, but they can only be controlled by working with the person's mind. Drugs are not necessarily the right way to find out the right answers to the problem.

It is believed that more than three quarters of individuals in America are suffering from mental health issues and many are still not receiving the medications and counseling they need to manage these issues. Mental illness is said to be the cause of much of the deviant behavior in our society as well and that many of those who are in jail and homeless in this country are actually in the predicament they are in due to their mental health problems.

Mental health problems vary in severity and therefore the number of individuals being inflicted by these issues may actually be underestimated. Many medical professionals feel that the increased amount of stress in our society and the growing number of fragmented families has actually led to a huge increase in the number of mental health cases in our society.

It is easy to say that the medical profession is using mental issues as a reason to increase their own personal revenue, but mental illness is a problem that needs to be faced and right away. There is no way to tell for sure who is affected, but the issue is out there and needs to be addressed.

By: Ethan C Kalvin