Powerlearning 21 Finds Ways To Improve Organization And Time Management

These great iPad apps can help you keep yourself organized, as well as manage your time. Keep notes and lesson plan ideas as well.

Bento: This is a great organizational iPad app designed to help you keep track of what is happening in your life. You manage your life easily by keeping track of lesson plans, appointments, and even notes about your students. Cost: $4.99(

Mobile Mouse: This great app turns your iPad into a wireless remote that you can use your classroom. Great for when you want to coordinate the technology in your class, and be a more efficient teacher. Cost: $2.99(

iWork: A great suite of applications that can help you stay organized. You can get Pages, Numbers and Keynote in one pack that allows you to take notes, organize information and more. Cost: $30(

Dropbox: This helpful organizational tool helps you to sync up your files. This means you can use your iPad to sync up with the computer at your school, as well as your home computer. Makes it easy to prepare lesson plans at home, and to take your work with you wherever you go. Cost: Free(

Evernote: This is one of the ultimate note taking applications for iPad. Remember what you need to know, jot down information that is important for your class, and coordinate lesson plans. Keep notes on your students so you can interact with them better. You can do notes using text, voice or even pictures. A great way to keep track of what you are doing. Cost: Free(

WritePad: You can write using a stylus ” or even your finger. When you have an idea, you can easily capture it, and use it to organize your thoughts. It is a great way to organize your thoughts, and to make notes on lessons. Cost: $9.99(

QuickVoice Recorder: Record your class lessons, and listen back to them for more information on how you can improve. A great way to record teaching ideas and make notes on students quickly and easily. Cost: Free(

Cramberry: This is an interesting iPad app that allows you to create and share your own flashcards. Enhance your lessons with flashcards that you can share with your students. A great educational and organizational tool. Cost: $1.99(

Idea Boards: Four different writing surfaces to help you organize your thoughts. Jot down lesson plan ideas, make notes, and create reminders. Cost: $1.99(

Things for iPad: A task manager that is highly sophisticated. Keep track of faculty meetings, parent teacher conferences and more. Prep for class, and keep track of projects and schedules. Cost: $19.99

Educational Apps

The iPad also has a number of educational apps designed to help you reference interesting resources. These can help you find information quickly and efficiently.

This Day in History: Add a little interest to each day with these simple, interesting history lessons. A new one each day, courtesy of your iPad. Cost: Free(

World Atlas HD: National Geographic offers some great maps that can help you reference what you are looking for. Interesting maps that you can consult for a number of reasons. Perfect for preparing lessons, or for helping your students learn. Cost: $1.99(

BBC News: Teach current events lessons with a little help from the BBC News iPad app. A great resource for preparing lessons related to current events, history and more. A good way for you to keep on the news as well. Cost: Free(

Mathematical Formulas: Get quick access to mathematical formulas. Organized by the type of math, from algebra to geometry to complex numbers, this iPad app can ensure that you find the formula you need, when you need it. Cost: $0.99(