Telescope Feel Everything Near You

Telescopes are the magnifying instruments used to view remote objects. These instruments are used for study of astronomy. It works by collection of electromagnetic radiation. The first functional telescope was invented in Netherlands in the beginning of 17th century. Telescope is not an ordinary instrument every other person has. It is a special instrument which people having interest in astronomy buy. Choosing a best telescope for yourself is not very easy if you do not have any guidance. It requires a bit of research on your part.

A telescope basically gathers and focuses light. The most important factor in a telescope is its light gathering capability and focus on a point to examine. Aperture is the feature which determines the light gathering capability of a telescope. The larger is the aperture, lighter it will gather and more you will see. Basically, telescope is of three types. All types of telescopes work on the principle of gathering light but the way they do this differs. You must know the purpose of the telescope; what do you want to look at, moon, the planets or further deep. Is your place is affected by light pollution. Do you want to take your telescope with you at different places? When you want to buy the best telescope for you, you must consider the portability, style and the cost.

Refracting microscope are traditional looking telescopes with long tubes having a large lens at the one end and an eye piece on the other end. When the light passes through the curved lens, its path bents due to phenomenon of refraction and is directed towards the smaller lens to get in focus. Though these are quite popular among amateurs due to their ease of use and no maintenance, but are very heavy. They can be quite expensive for larger apertures. Smaller aperture means lesser views.

Reflector Telescope or the Newtonian telescope makes use of primary concave mirror. It send light to a secondary flat mirror and this reflect light passes through a side opening and to the eyepiece. Here it gets focused and magnified. Mirrors cost less than the lenses and provide more aperture power. They are better for night viewing and even deep space viewing. However, these are very sensitive ad fragile. They also require regular maintenance.

Catadioptric Telescope makes use of lenses and mirrors both and gives best results. They can be used for planetary, deep space and terrestrial observations. These are easy to use and portable. These are quite expensive than other telescopes. You can know about telescope price and features by visiting online shopping store in india.

By: Virendra Ahuja