The Most Important Class You Can Take

In college, you can take so many interesting classes: history, English, art, math, and astronomy, to name a few. Whatever your major is, you will be offered enlightening general education classes in addition to exciting major-specific courses that inspire and motivate you.

But what many people don't consider taking is a First Aid/CPR class. Why is this important? Its importance stems from the fact that some day you may need it to save someone's life.

While most universities provide First Aid/CPR courses as standard classes, you might also discover them listed as enrichment or extension classes or even as courses given at your local fire department. Wherever you can catch these courses, don't miss them. It's a great skill for anyone to have, whether you're into sports, are starting a family, or you're simply a person who wants to be able to help.

The courses are usually just a few hours in length. You meet together with other classmates, watch a video, perform First Aid and CPR on manikins, and then you are certified. You will be given a card that tells others you are qualified to help if someone has a heart attack, chokes, is involved in a car accident, or experiences injuries of any other kind. You'll be surprised at how easy the steps are to save a person's life, and you'll also be surprised by the fact that so few people know what to do in a crisis. You shouldn't be one of them, and taking this class will certify that you are not.

Think about taking this helpful course - you could save someone, be it your best friend, your father, or your child.

By: Aubrey Moulton